All workarounds to get back to the classic editor

I’ve finally finished that page with all the workarounds for getting back to the classic editor!

I made an external page instead of a blog post because of limitations imposed on (understandably for security concerns). The page could look a little nicer, but at least the content is there.

  1. Wow, thanks so much for putting this together, tpenguinltg. You’re the best! I use the script and it works perfectly.

  2. Thanks for your continued hard work on this. I’m amused to see you listing as a workaround. I’d rather call it “telling where they can shove it” ;-)

  3. Just found your list of work arounds. Thank you SO MUCH. I constantly have to edit my posts and the new editor is dreadful. That bookmarklet is going to be my sanity saver.

      • Not sure if you are aware, but the bookmarklet is having a few issues. It may be just me, but I thought I would mention it here in case it isn’t.

        The original bookmarklet I made back in April gives the following error message when you click on it.

        An error occurred while loadingPlease refresh the page and try again.

        I went to your page to bookmark it again in case it had been updated or changed. When I click on that one instead of taking me to the classic editor, it takes me to the “Blogs I follow” page.

        I am going to try the script one instead for the moment since I still can’t stand the new editor.

  4. I don’t use any of those, the links in my dashboard still work :)

    • Lucky you! It’s only just a matter of time before your cookie expires, though, and when that happens, you’ll be taken to the new one.

      I’ve been meaning to update the poll to include other choices, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  5. My wordpress editor preference cookie finally expired after several weeks since you posted in the forums about your workaround. I’m so glad I bookmarked it! I am very techno-feeble, but one click and a computer restart was pretty easy for installing Greasemonkey, and then a third click on your “install” for the script was easy enough even for me. It’s so wonderful to be able to rely on the old editor showing up now and (I hope) forever…
    THANK you!

    • I’m glad. It’s a bit overkill to restart your whole computer when restarting the browser will do just fine, but hey, what works works. Happy blogging!

  6. The one I bookmarked this morning was diverting me to the blogs I follow page. No idea why. I installed the script which seems to be working fine though so will stick to that. Thanks again for doing these.

    • Interesting. I can’t think of any reason for it to do that. The script works for you, though, so enjoy the script!

  7. Uschi said:

    You are a lifesaver! I have been clicking on WPAdmin on the beep beep site forever to get back to the classic site. Had no idea you could do this with a script – and it works beautifully! Many thanks!

    • You’re very welcome! It’s been about a year and a half, but it’s better to have found it now than never, right? Happy blogging!

  8. doc said:

    Many thanks for the “Going back to the classic editor” page ( I’ve been using the automatic redirect for posts and pages for the last couple of years, with scarcely a hitch. However, Firefox 57 put an end to that blissful interlude. After my browser automatically updated to FF 57.0 in mid-November last year the redirect no longer worked. Also I was unable to add the script to or any script to Greasemonkey anymore. Evidently Greasemonkey is presently incompatible with this version of Firefox.

    After trying various workarounds that all failed I eventually switched back to an earlier version of FF, but I’ve increasinly encountered problems with that option, so gave FF 57.0.4 a try today. The redirect still fails and Greasemonkey still seems to be incompatible.

    As on 15 November when I previously tried them, I still find the the following options on the “Going back to the classic editor” page fail:

    Clicking the “Install” link fails, and only displays the script.
    The alternative to Greasemonkey for Firefox and derivatives, Scriptish, evidently no longer exists.
    The “Edit in classic editor” manual redirect bookmarklet provided doesn’t work.

    Are you planning to update the “Going back to the classic editor” page, or has this been done elsewhere that you know of?

    • To be honest, I completely forgot that page existed. I will update it when I get a chance. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

      As for the problems you’re having, you make sure to update to Greasemonkey v4, and that may mean having to manually reinstall Greasemonkey and the scripts. If Greasemonkey doesn’t work, Tampermonkey and Violentmonkey are new alternatives. Please read Greasemonkey’s announcement post for more details. The scripts themselves should work without any problems. Other people have encountered problems migrating before, so I’ll link you to one of the previous comment threads.

      Let me know if you run into any issues.

      • doc said:

        Sorry for the long delay. I don’t check my email at that address very often anymore. I had intended to try the alternatives Tampermonkey and Violentmonkey, which I’d seen in the “Going back to the classic editor” page, but never got around to it. Instead I reverted to an earlier version of FF for a few weeks. At some point, FF must have fixed the issue because when I tried 58.0.1 on 1 Feb, the Greasemonkey and your original script worked again. Thanks for the help!

      • doc said:

        I forgot that lately redirects to WP admin from the edit links on posts and pages are NOT working as they should. They go to the Calypso post and page editors. I hadn’t been accessing the site much for about a month, but I believe that the redirect was working as its designed to for a couple of weeks after the update to FF 58.0.1. I later updated to 58.0.2 and now it’s not working, though I’m not sure when the browser updated (automatically) or precisely when the script stopped working. Hasn’t worked for a week or more I think. May try Tampermonkey and Violentmonkey. If neither of those does the trick, then I’ll try reverting to 58.0.1 temporarily.

      • It still works fine for me with Greasemonkey. Make sure Greasemonkey is up to date and active, and that the script is enabled. If it still doesn’t work, try the alternatives.

      • doc said:

        Sorry, for the long delay. Installed latest version of Greasemonkey today, and this time the “Install” button on your page worked, and the redirect works, though with a slight delay — it goes briefly, for a couple of seconds to the Calypso editor before switching to the classic editor (in FF). That used to happen sometimes, but now it seems to happen every time. Nevertheless, I’m happy to get the redirect back. No idea why the same steps failed previously. Thank you!

  9. doc said:

    By the way, the third box in your “fill in your details below” fields, required in order for me to post a comment here, automatically inserts the wrong address for me. It shows a secondary site of mine. When I changed it to my primary site, the comment I submitted failed to post, and an error message appeared telling me that this comment could not be published.

    • The comment form is managed by I have no control over it. You can change the address that gets filled out through your account settings.

      I’ll be deleting your test comment since it has no relevance to the post, but I think the test was successful. Yes, you should be commenting while logged in, and you should only see the one text box.

  10. doc said:

    This is a test, using the icon instead of filling in the boxes.

  11. Hi there! I’ve been using edit posts redirects script v1.5.0 in Tampermonkey successfully for a couple of years, but it recently (within the last week or so I think) stopped working, All “Edit” buttons for posts and pages, both back and front, are now either linked to or redirected to the corresponding block editors. Also tried the script in a newly installed Violentmonkey, which also failed. Any suggestions?

    • Hey! I haven’t been active at all on WordPress in the last couple of years so I haven’t noticed, but I do indeed see the behaviour you’re seeing. I’ll see if I can figure out what’s wrong and post an update. Thanks for the report!

      • Thank you! I know that is pushing the block editor really hard now, but up until a couple of days ago my sites on older accounts had been protected from the invasion.

        I think the redirect script hadn’t even been necessary for the last couple of months until this new development. got rid of the old Calypso or My Sites editor, replacing it with the block editor, and In a couple of recent tests (within the last month or two) I’d disabled Tampermonkey and found that the edit buttons (on sites in my older accounts) were all opening in the classic editor.

        Not only are all Edit buttons now opening to the block editor, the Add New links also do the same. There are “Classic Editor” links at All Pages in WP-Admin,but I find that to create a new post or page I must at least save it in a block editor before editing it in a WP-Admin editor (the so called “Classic Editor”).

      • Fixes are out in v1.6.0. This should fix the edit links and allow you to create new posts and pages without having to go through the block editor first. Thanks again for reporting, and happy blogging!

  12. Thank you! After update it’s working just like before. I appreciate the fast and expert fix!

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