More hacks to the new stats page

After making a script to redirect to the classic editor, I realized that I could do the same for the new stats page as well.

You have two options if you don’t want to use the new stats page: click on the link every time, or redirect automatically. I’ve made solutions for both.

Move the old stats page link to the top

I wanted to make the link back to the classic stats page more visible for anyone who doesn’t want to do a hard redirect. To encourage users to use the new stats page, the developers moved the button to the very bottom of the page. After playing around with the CSS a bit to move it back up to the top, I came up with this:

More visible stats link

Old stats link is now more visible

Now it’s much more visible and accessible.

The user style is on To use it, you will need to install the Stylish add-on (available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari).

Force a redirect

For those who want a more extreme solution, I wrote a user script to force a redirect to the old stats page. This script is based on my earlier script to redirect to the classic post editor.

As with the other script, you’ll need an add-on that will run user scripts, like Greasemonkey for Firefox or Tampermonkey for Chrome. Then, head to Greasy Fork to install the script.

The team has expressed the intentions to remove the old stats page sometime, and once that time comes, this script will stop working. Until then, it’ll be a useful tool. When that time comes and the new stats page is still unusable, you can at least make it use your screen space more effectively.

Anyone wanting to voice concerns on the new editor and stats page, please make a post in the forums (thread for the new editor: [link]; thread for the new stats page: [link]). These hacks shouldn’t be necessary since it should be the team responding, but in the meantime, they’re here for you to ease things while we wait.

  1. Dennis said:

    It seems that the stats script stopped to work. When I click on the 48hours graph, I get redirected to the new stats format.

    • Interesting, because mine still works as expected. I did push an update a few days ago so that if the URL contains from=wp-admin in the query portion (after the ?), it won’t redirect.

      If you could please provide me with these two things, it would help me figure out what’s wrong:

      The URL that the 48h graph links to (you can get that by right-clicking and choosing something like “Copy Link”)
      The URL of the page you actually reach

      Feel free to use my contact form if you don’t want to make that public.


      • Dennis said:

        Ok, you got a message :)

      • v2.2.1 is out with a fix. Thanks!

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