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How do you eat apples? Like many people, you probably eat around the sides, leaving that iconic core. That’s not how my friend eats apples. You’d see her with a whole apple and she’d bite into it in a way that looks kind of off. Look back in a few minutes and you’d see the apple gone; no core, nothing.



“What about the seeds?” I asked. “You don’t have to eat them if you don’t want to,” she replied. I passed it off as a weird way that she eats apples, but a couple of years later, I stumbled upon the method again on the Internet. I don’t know how I got there, but there it was. I was never really into eating whole apples when I was younger; my dad would always complain that I left too much on the core whenever I ate one, so I just stopped eating whole apples. I learned to eat apples the way my friend did after that, and now I’m more than happy to pick up a whole apple and eat it. I can’t go back to eating around the core anymore.

How to Eat an Apple Like a Boss | FOODBEAST LABS by Foodbeast [YouTube]

There’s a lesson to be learned in everything we do. What can we learn from eating apples?

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I see this way too often: the bus is crowded, lots of people are about to board, and everyone stands in the front even though there are lots of empty seats in the back. Even worse, I see people standing in front of empty seats!

Crowded bus

A crowded bus

This crowd makes it hard for everyone to board and blocks anyone who wants to sit.

The seats are there for you to sit on →

I decided to clean my ThinkPad‘s keyboard yesterday because it was getting noticeably dirty and I haven’t cleaned the keyboard since I got my computer two years ago. I don’t mean just a surface cleaning, either: I popped off all my keycaps and went in with a toothpick and a vacuum cleaner.

ThinkPad T430 keyboard without keycaps

ThinkPad T430 keyboard without keycaps

(Please excuse the photo quality. My batteries for my camera were dead and I wasn’t going to wait for them to charge, so I used my phone)

The whole thing took about two hours: one hour for taking the keycaps off, 30 minutes for cleaning, and the other 30 minutes for putting the keycaps back.

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