WP Stats Sparkline script updated to v1.2.0

My stats sparkline script has been updated to v1.2.0! I noticed that I no longer had a sparkline because WordPress.com removed something the script was relying on, so I reworked it to rely on something else instead. I hope I didn’t break custom domains; let me know in the comments if I did.

If you have auto-update enabled for the script, you should receive the update soon. Otherwise, you can force an update check for the script in your extension or head over to Greasy Fork and install it manually.

For the technical folks out there, you can view the diff to see the actual changes. WordPress.com previously had a sliding drawer that came out when you clicked the “My Sites” button in the WP Admin Bar, but that no longer seems to exist. The script had been relying on the sparkline that was present in that drawer, but since it no longer exists, the script failed. I changed it to build the URL manually; thankfully I had an example saved.

Happy blogging!

  1. Thank you again so much for doing this for all us bloggers! Very much appreciated. Look forward to having the sparkline back again. Cheers!

    • My pleasure. It’s too bad I’m not around much anymore, but I’m glad I’m on often enough to notice these things.

      • The sparkline is up and working again! Thanks again, Penguin. Glad you do come back every so often. :)

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