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This is a guest post I wrote for DR34DNOUGHT on Tech Gum recently. I must say again that this method is only demonstrated as a proof of concept.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you a good friend of mine, tPenguinLTG. I’ve mentioned him many times on several of my posts before. He’s a genius, well, on everything really. He’s the one who recommended me to work on a blog on WordPress and thus, Tech Gum was born. I recommend that you check out his blog The Penguin Says… and support his blog!


You’re on Youtube and you come across a song that you just really have to have. You don’t want to use those “YouTube to MP3” sites because they’re a little shady. How do you get the song? Well, you could just go out and buy it, but you don’t want to pay for anything not on a physical medium. Then you remember you have VLC media player (and if you don’t, go get it!).

I present you with a…

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Today we have a special guest poster, DR34DNOUGHT of Tech Gum (“… your go to blog for all things technology!”). I like to discuss music and computers with him, and he often comes to me for computer advice. In fact, it was me who convinced him to start blogging!
Without further ado, here’s DR34DNOUGHT on OPM and P-pop!

As a Filipino, I am very proud of multiple things from my culture. From the flag and anthem, I stand strong by it. One of the things that I am proud of is our music. I mean OPM: Original Pinoy Music. The other type of Pinoy music is P-POP: Pinoy Pop. It’s the branching variant of other music categories such as K-POP or MINI-POP.

This is such as touchy topic probably because it’s a two-sided war. Not everyone agrees with P-POP and not everyone agrees with OPM which is completely fine. Being able to contrast both will help a person appreciate the music.

OPM prides itself with so much amazing music. It defined the era of good music in the Philippines. It is also defined by the musicians that played such as bands like APO Hiking Society*, Side A, Rivermaya*, Eraserheads*, Parokya ni Edgar; current but famous singers such as Martin Nievera*, Gary Valenciano*, Christian Bautista, Erik Santos, Aiza Seguerra*, Lea Salonga, Regine Velasquez, Sharon Cuneta, Sarah Geronimo (too many to mention); and then, there were the legendary greats like Rey Valera, Jose Mari Chan*, Freddie Aguilar, Noel Cabangon*, Basil Valdez (too many to mention, once again).

Anna by Apo Hiking Society

I had to put this on this list. I just had to. No comment.

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