In celebration of what will be my 1024th Tweet, the one that will be generated by this post, I’d like to announce that I have a Twitter account!

As you might expect, my handle is @tpenguinltg. It’s actually been over a year since I got it and it’s been getting more activity lately than all of my blogs combined.

Wait, didn’t you say you wouldn’t ever get one?

There was a time when I said that I’m not one for microblogging and there was no way I’d get on Twitter. If I wanted to follow anyone on Twitter, I could subscribe to an RSS feed. I had my blogs, so I thought there was no reason for me to do any microblogging: I held (and still do to a lesser extent) that microblogging isn’t “real” blogging and that it’s better to spend time and thought into a well-crafted blog post if one had anything worth saying.

Boy, was I wrong.

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I’ve always wanted to post stuff about Linux here on `The Penguin’ says…, and indeed I’ve posted things like Look Busy on *nix and Use up all your memory on *nix, but I felt that I had too much content to post here, and when that happens to a topic, it deserves its own blog.

This new blog is called *nix Windows (yes, the name is a pun).

*nix Windows logo

*nix Windows

It was perfect, too, because two of my friends asked me for advice on Linux, including which distributions I’d recommend to them. I figured that since the tips that I’d give them won’t be specific to them or usable only by them, the best way for everyone to benefit is to put it in a blog. To make it more interesting, I wanted to get them to write for the blog, too, to bring the beginner’s view on Linux to the blog, making it relatable to a wider audience and so that it won’t be “just another Linux blog”.

There’s no set schedule: posts will go up when we feel that there’s something to share and we’re not too busy. Having said that, hopefully we’ll be free enough to post at least twice a month. The best way to keep up with posts is to follow the blog and get notified whenever we post something.

Go ahead, have a look around, and read more about the blog. Watch out for the penguins and keep an eye out for new content!

In my anniversary post, I hinted at moving the Compositions list into a spin-off blog, and I’ve started work on it.

It’s called The Penguin Plays ♫♪ and it’s in public beta right now. (thanks to DR34DNOUGHT for suggesting the title!)

The Penguin Plays ♫♪ icon

The Penguin Plays ♫♪

It’ll be in public beta until I make my first post, at which point I’ll announce its official release here on `The Penguin’ says… .

In the meantime, head on over, have a look around, and leave me some feedback in the comments for this post.

Valentine’s Day is over now1; it was the day where school kids were expected to give cards to each other and everyone stuffed themselves with chocolate. Oh, and it had something to do with love, too, and with that, you find the famous heart symbol everywhere.

If you were asked to show the heart shape, you’d probably just draw it. Doing it that way is really imprecise; how is your valentine supposed to take you seriously when they see how you don’t care about the little details?
We mathematicians can do better: we can give you an equation.

I’ll try to help you out: I’ve listed some of the ways you can represent the heart shape with math or computers, in order of increasing sophistication, so you can show your valentine that you care.


I’m sure you’re quite familiar with this one. It’s the best approximation of the heart shape using a minimal number of ASCII characters. Unlike most emoticons, this one is rotated π/2—er, 90°— clockwise from its upright position.


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Internet Explorer 11 was released two weeks ago (no, I haven’t heard of it just now; I just haven’t had the time to really write anything for it). Accompanying the release, Microsoft Singapore unveiled a moe personification of IE to promote IE. Ever since Madobe Nanami was made for Windows 7, it seems that Microsoft has really taken a liking to these anime characters.

Her name is Aizawa Inori / 藍澤 祈 (the family name is Aizawa).

Aizawa Inori on her desktop

Aizawa Inori on her desktop

(There are many references hidden in that image. Bonus points to anyone who can point them all out!)

Aizawa Inori concept sketches

Concept sketches

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I’m sure we all use Wikipedia as a quick online reference, but have you ever given thought about it being an encyclopedia? After all, its tagline is “The Free Encyclopedia”. Traditionally, an encyclopedia one large reference book split up into many volumes for ease of use and storage. Nowadays, there are many encyclopedias online, including those traditionally in print, perhaps because it makes it easier to access and maintain, as well as being less costly. Wikipedia has taken advantage of these benefits and started off online. What’s more, it’s a wiki, so anyone who is knowledgeable on a subject is encouraged to edit the appropriate articles, allowing for the most up-to-date information.

Silly question, but what if you wanted to print the whole English Wikipedia?

It’s been done before, sort of…

It seems I let another mailing list create itself.

Remember Oku Hanako? She is the Japanese artist who has inexplicably captured my heart. Apparently, I’ve fallen so hard that I’ve started a blog dedicated to her.

May I present Thoughts on Oku Hanako, “Finally, a site dedicated to her in English!”. Please note that this is just a fan site; this site is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Oku Hanako or Pony Canyon. I do not own any of the songs or images, and no copyright infringement is intended.

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