Tweaking DustPuppy

A Scroll Lock key thinking to itself, "I'm useless... Everyone's ignoring me..."

The Secret Life of Your Keyboard, #2. Image from Acidcow

When I got my Unicomp mechanical keyboard, I took off a key to show everyone the springs inside. I took off the Scroll Lock key because out of all the keys on the keyboard, that key, along with the Pause/Break key, is probably the least-used. If I happened to break the key, I wouldn’t have lost much. Then someone asked what Scroll Lock is actually used for.

So, what is it used for? →

I was playing around with mapping network locations (network drives and whatnot) on Windows without a network (as if that was productive). When adding a network location, Windows places a shortcut to the location in the My Computer screen. When I was done, I deleted the shortcuts that Windows created through the context (right-click) menu on the My Computer screen. The standard “Are you sure you want to move this file to the Recycle Bin?” dialog appeared. That’s when I thought of it: if the shortcuts were moved to the Recycle Bin, that means that they must have existed in the filesystem, and that means that I might just be able to customize the My Computer screen!



But how? →