Mine will never compare

I found myself ill with a headache this week. I’m not one to get ill—usually only something with a fever about once a year—and I’m especially not used to getting headaches, so this came as an unwelcome surprise. I became dizzy, sensitive to light, moderate noises and changes in temperature, and it was bad enough to prevent me from doing anything that involved more than light thinking.

The best thing for me to do was sleep, and that’s what I did. I woke up every few hours, always thirsty because of all the sweat I produced. I’d be fine as long as I stayed lying still, but as soon as I’d move to stand, I’d get dizzy and the headache would start to return. It was a difficult decision: do I sleep more to avoid the pain, or do I endure it so I won’t get dehydrated? Eventually, my thirst forced me to get up. Room-temperature water made my stomach feel a little uneasy, so I had to wait for the water to warm, then I had to be careful not to burn my tongue. I really wanted juice or anything else that was fuller and thicker than water, but I had nothing available. When I finally had my drink, I became relieved to go back to my bed and sleep, forgetting about the headache until the next bout of thirst came a few hours later.

I also had to eat something, because I wouldn’t get any better without food. It had to be something warm, and since I felt I couldn’t stomach solid food, I settled on soup. I didn’t have any on hand, so I had to make some. I wasn’t sure how I’d respond to meat, so I used vegetable stock to make a quick vegetable soup, done in what was probably 30 minutes (I didn’t keep track; after all, I wanted to get it done as quickly as possible so I could go back to bed sooner).

I realized a day later that I could take medication to help, and thankfully there was some acetaminophen around. This wasn’t my first thought because I usually recover from sicknesses without medication, and again, I don’t get headaches very often.

Today, after three days of that terrible headache (which I suspect could more specifically be called a migraine), I’m mostly better. I’m still a little sensitive to noise and temperature changes, which will make me slightly dizzy, but I wouldn’t say it’s anything major. I’m also still a little queasy, but that’s probably because I haven’t had anything filling to eat and I’m still trying to figure out what I can stomach.

Today is Good Friday, the start of the Easter weekend. I was reminded this morning that no matter how much pain I think I’ve endured over the last three days, it will never compare to what Jesus had to endure. He…

  1. was betrayed by a close friend
  2. became stressed to the point of sweating blood
  3. got arrested then deserted
  4. got accused of a crime He didn’t commit
  5. was disowned by yet another friend
  6. was given a crucifixion sentence by unanimous crowd chanting; crucifixion is one of the most gruesome ways to die
  7. was flogged; the instrument used is very scary and would have dealt a lot of damage
  8. was stripped and mocked and spit on and struck on the head wearing a crown of thorns again and again
  9. carried His heavy cross, the very thing He was going to die on, to the place where He was going to be crucified
  10. was stripped and nailed to the cross to be crucified
  11. was actually crucified, and worst of all,
  12. was forsaken by the Father

… all for things He didn’t do. Jesus was sinless. God loves us so much that even though we have all sinned and deserve death, He sent His one and only Son, Jesus, to die in our place so those who choose to accept won’t have to.

When Jesus finally died, the veil in the temple, which represented a separation between man and God, was torn. Because of Jesus’ death, we are no longer separated from God.

As much as I would prefer not to get any more headaches, I sincerely thank God for my experience this week because it reminded me of how much He loves me and what He did to show His love. I invite you this Easter to remember what God did to show His love to you, to remember the suffering that Jesus had endured, and if you haven’t already, accept Jesus as your saviour from your sins and ask Him to come into your life.

  1. Happy Easter to you and thank you for writing about the suffering of Jesus for us all. Hope you are feeling better, too. Sounded like a very serious headache or migraine.

    • Ah yes, I’m feeling much better than I was this morning.

      God gave me a blog, so it’s only right for me to share His love through it. I hope I can come up with a resurrection post for this year, because that’s even more important than His death.

      • Good to hear that you are feeling better.

        I feel the same way as you about the blogging. I reposted a piece for Good Friday and will be reposting one or two for Easter, I haven’t decided which one(s) yet.

  2. I hope you are feeling better.. Migraines are awful.. I used to get them which would render me in bed in darkened room with bucket beside my bed and cold dam cloth on my brow…

    I had a headache this week first one in years.. It wasn’t a migraine. but one or two I have spoken too have experienced them this week… Maybe the Energies are changing .. Hope you soon recover … Sue

    • Ah yes, I’m feeling much better now, thanks. I hope you don’t get another one!

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