Win10-tan design revealed

I was wondering when this would come out. Microsoft Japan has done it again: Windows 10 will have an OS-tan. It’s something that Microsoft has done in Asia since Madobe Nanami for Windows 7.

Win10-tan teaser

Windows 10-tan teaser image

It’s too bad the official site is in Japanese (with non-selectable text, at that), but the Haruhichan Network made a post on her announcement in English. She will be voiced by Nonaka Ai, and I expect a theme to come out when Win10 is out. Her name will be decided by contest. “If you submit a new name, you’ll receive a rough sketch of the character as a desktop wallpaper. Five special participants will be selected to win a signed drawing by Ai Nonaka.” (Haruhichan Network) The first name that comes to mind is Madobe Jun, because she’s in the Windows family (“madobe” means “by the window) and because of select meanings of “jun” (it’ll make more sense after you read the bio below). You can’t submit until June 19, though, so I’ll just have to keep checking for updates. To explain the others in the Madobe family, Madobe Nanami (Win7) is named after her voice actress (plus, “nana” means “seven” in Japanese), and Madobe Yuu and Ai (Win8.x) are named because they sound like “I” and “You”, and the two words complement each other like the two interfaces supposedly do, and also because ‘U’ and ‘I’ are the letters in “UI” (“User Interface”). The rest of the characters (Madobe Claudia [Windows Azure], Aizawa Hikaru [Microsoft Silverlight], Aizawa Inori [Internet Explorer], and others) also have hidden meanings.

To quote the Haruhichan Network article, here’s a bit more about her:

Her origins are the Madobe family and she’s set 100 years in the future. Her hobbies are online gaming, and supporting others. Her personal traits are being an excellent student, and expanding her knowledge on technology. Her manager often worries since she’s a bit spontaneous. She also enjoys cheering on people who are working hard and doing their best. She also has a part-time job at the Akibano Custom Computer Company where she is a rookie.

It figures Microsoft would go for something futuristic, considering how much of a step forward they like to think Windows 10 is (they skipped a whole version number, after all). Her being set 100 years in the future might be a bit problematic for the, though, if any of the characters set in the present want to interact with her.

On an unrelated note, Aizawa Inori is apparently now “Magical Girl Edge” (formerly “Magical Girl IE”) since Microsoft plans to kill off IE. The pun in her name no longer directly applies, although it’s still good for history.


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