Monthly Archives: October 2020

v1.6.0 of the classic editor redirect script is out! I may be very inactive on WordPress these days, but I’m still committed to providing updates to these scripts when they break. If something’s broken, please create a GitHub issue or let me know in the comments. Thanks to musicdoc1 for reporting again this time!

As usual, your script should have updated itself, but if not, you can head over to Greasy Fork and install it manually.

This change also affects the bookmarklet, so if you use the bookmarklet method, please replace it with the new version (delete the old one and re-add the new one). You can get the updated code on the workarounds page.

For the technical details, you can go look at commit bfe80e4. In the last week or so, has started redirecting classic wp-admin editor URLs to the new editor. The classic-editor query parameter is needed to prevent the redirect. Adding the new parameter was very simple, but more code was needed to prevent an infinite redirect loop. In a later commit, the code has also been reformatted and lightly refactored to make it look nicer.

I fear that this change means the classic editor is on its last legs and we may see it disappear altogether in the next change, so we should enjoy the classic editor while it’s still here.

If you have any troubles, please leave a comment and I’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot. Happy blogging!