So that’s how light bulbs light up…

“One minute, it was 1:30, and when I look at the clock next, it was already 3:00! Then I realized that Daylight Saving Time had started.”

“What’s Daylight Saving Time?”

“It’s the eight months where we all try to conserve daylight. Similar to how you conserve electricity, you use less of it. Clocks move forward an hour to motivate people to start saving, because it makes it somewhat easier to save when they have one less hour to spend.”

“Ah, okay, makes sense. What about the other four months?”

“It’s too cold to bother with saving daylight. Plus, one of the reasons why we save daylight during the eight months is so we have enough for the other four months.”

“Huh, I thought that you’d do more saving in the winter because there’s less of it than in the summer. It’s a smart idea, though, to save up on daylight during the summer when you have more of it. But then, why is it still dark during the winter?”

“Because people are selfish and don’t like to share daylight. Instead, they use it in their own homes. Where did you think light from light bulbs comes from?”


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