A quick hack to widen the new WordPress.com stats page

Update 2015-03-16: More hacks to the new stats page

If you blog on WordPress.com, you’ve probably encountered the new stats page. It currently looks something like this:

WordPress.com new stats page

Current stats page

There’s been a big uproar about it and the overall UI change that WordPress.com is undergoing, with multiple forum threads created to complain about them (see Massive changes to the WP interface, Stats Classics: How to set?, and Classic Stats: How to set TWO, not closed., to name a few). It seems that much of the focus on the redesign was towards making the interface more mobile-friendly, and the desktop experience has suffered because of that. The first version had only one column, but now they’ve added two columns after seeing some of the complaints. Thankfully, the old stats page is still available for now, but the plan is to retire it eventually.

The sidebar isn’t collapsible in the current version, taking up a good chunk of screen space on the desktop. A desktop user probably has a fairly wide monitor, and it’s nice to use all that width, but the non-collapsing sidebar doesn’t allow for efficient use of that width. One of the suggestions was to make the menu collapsible. So, until the developers fix this, in preparation for the impending retirement of the old stats page, I decided to quickly hack together a user style to collapse the sidebar:

WordPress new stats with collapsed sidebar

The user style in action

Hovering over the sidebar makes it fly out:

WordPress.com new stats with fly-out sidebar

Fly-out sidebar

To use this user style, you will need to install the Stylish add-on (available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari).

I’m still one to use the old stats page for now, but this will definitely make using the new stats page more bearable.

Anyone wanting to voice concerns on the stats page, please make a post in the forums These hacks shouldn’t be necessary since it should be the WordPress.com team responding, but in the meantime, they’re here for you to ease things while we wait.


  1. Why have they changed it so much? (“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”?)
    My guess is that the changes they have been making are to make the site more like a “cell phone” app. Is WordPress trying to be the new Twitter?

    Have weasels penetrated another industry?

  2. This is great! Once again you’ve come to the rescue, first with the classic editor hack, and now widening the page. I’ve noticed that they’ve already removed the “see classic stats page” link at the bottom of the new unimproved stats page. Your hack has brought the stats almost back to where they were. Which of course invites the question why on earth did they bother changing it in the first place?!

    • I’m glad to hear that you found it useful. When I get the chance, I might include the option to use the whole screen width instead of constraining it to a maximum width like it is now, but I think it’s fine as it is.

      If you’re interested, I also have a script to redirect to the old stats page. It’s a bit outdated since I haven’t found time to support all the new features, but clicking the stats chart in the black bar at the top will redirect you to the old page.

      I expect a big reason for the change was to use the API, which means that it should be less code for the developers to maintain.

      • Thank you for your reply and the extra redirect. I shall give it a try too.

  3. Hi Penguin, I’ve really enjoyed your “stats widening” hack. But suddenly I realized that it’s not working. So I added the hack to see “view old stats page” link at the top of the stats page, but that too doesn’t work.

    Could this be connected to Firefox updates (now version 41.0)? Nothing else seems to have changed to cause the hack not to work.

    • The “view old stats page” hack doesn’t really work anymore because they removed the link, although the link is still there on the page with the list of your blogs (I should add a note in the post saying that it’s obsolete…).

      There doesn’t seem to be any issues with Stylish and Firefox 41. The only thing I can think of is that Stylish is disabled or the individual styles have been disabled. See if that’s the case, and if so, enable it, otherwise we’ll do a little more digging.

      If you’d like, you can also use the script to redirect to the old stats page. It’s like the editor redirect script, but for the stats page.

      Please let me know if you have any more issues.

      • Hah! thank you! For some reason Stylish itself was turned off. Heaven knows how that happened. I’m sure I didn’t do it, at least not on purpose. Anyway as soon as I clicked “turn on all styles” – while I was on the stats page, it immediately widened.

        Thank you for helping this tech-challenged grandma. :-)

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