Year 2 on WordPress

Today is the second anniversary of my registration on!

WordPress anniversary badge

Two years on WordPress!

To be honest, I’m not quite sure what has happened in the past year. I had only posted 57 posts in the last year, in contrast to 147 posts in the year before that. This is in part because my workload had increased and blogging became a lower priority.

In my opinion, some of my more interesting posts that I’ve written over the past year are:

In addition, I dropped a hint and announced two new blogs! I announced The Penguin Plays, my blog for my compositions, to be in public beta in March. Last month, I announced my Linux blog, in collaboration with Dreadnought Six and DdcCabuslay, where I would let the two document their experiences with learning Linux and where I could about anything Linux-related.

One of my friends remarked that my posts are of better quality when they’re more focussed, such as the posts on my other blogs. I agree with that observation: I’ve been more active on Thoughts on Oku Hanako and *nix Windows than on this blog. This is partly because the posts here tend to be a bit longer and take more time to write, but it’s also because the scope is too broad: I’m sometimes stuck for an idea to write about here, whereas I have lots of ideas on my specialized blogs. However, this is still active for everything that doesn’t fit in the other blogs.

Thanks to all of you for reading, and here’s to another year!


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