Look over there, a door!

I’ve always wanted to post stuff about Linux here on `The Penguin’ says…, and indeed I’ve posted things like Look Busy on *nix and Use up all your memory on *nix, but I felt that I had too much content to post here, and when that happens to a topic, it deserves its own blog.

This new blog is called *nix Windows (yes, the name is a pun).

*nix Windows logo

*nix Windows

It was perfect, too, because two of my friends asked me for advice on Linux, including which distributions I’d recommend to them. I figured that since the tips that I’d give them won’t be specific to them or usable only by them, the best way for everyone to benefit is to put it in a blog. To make it more interesting, I wanted to get them to write for the blog, too, to bring the beginner’s view on Linux to the blog, making it relatable to a wider audience and so that it won’t be “just another Linux blog”.

There’s no set schedule: posts will go up when we feel that there’s something to share and we’re not too busy. Having said that, hopefully we’ll be free enough to post at least twice a month. The best way to keep up with posts is to follow the blog and get notified whenever we post something.

Go ahead, have a look around, and read more about the blog. Watch out for the penguins and keep an eye out for new content!


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