Spam comments 2014-09-30

I haven’t posted spam comments in a while, and it’s probably a good thing because it doesn’t really help this site’s machine reputation. These are some of the better ones that I’ve seen lately, though, so I’m going to post them anyway.

Should photocopiers be declared illegal because they can be used to copy protected books. Just submit your email and a link will be emailed to you.

Hmm, maybe we should declare the pen and paper illegal, too, because I could copy protected books.

He always wears his awesome hat, which is something of a cross between a skull and Laplander-style, with what looks like some sort of small animal ears on the top. What ever your reason for wanting to buy costume jewellery and no matter the price range you are sure to find something to fit your needs. Some of the offers include pleasurable, and trendy system jewelery. If you go to the party as Little Bo Peep along with a Sheep, you may not have that issue.

What does this even mean? It looks like some sort of code. Then again, I think this might make for a good writing prompt…

Hello. And Bye.

Hello. And Bye.


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