I’m not dead

Yes, I know, I haven’t posted anything here in a while. I’ve been active on Thoughts on Oku Hanako, and I’ve been working on The Penguin Plays and *nix Windows.

To be fair, content on this blog takes much more thought and time to write than content on Thoughts on Oku Hanako, so I have unpublished drafts waiting to be finished and published. Don’t worry, I’ll get to them eventually.

So, what have I been working on?


After four months of being too busy to compose, it’s great to get back into it. I released The Poem (extended) and The Runaway. I really like them; “The Poem (extended)” make me feel fuzzy inside, even more than the original, and I’ve made a clip of “The Runaway” my ringtone.

Windows Classic Theme Designer

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I like to design colour schemes for Windows Classic. Ever since I switched to Linux, I’ve only made no more than two new themes because I don’t want to reboot to Windows every time I feel like making a theme, and my machine isn’t powerful enough to sanely run a Windows 7 virtual machine (for that matter, I don’t even have a license for Windows 7). To get back into the hobby, I’m creating a Web app that will allow me to preview the theme, and as an extension, I’m also using this project to help me learn git. It will also help me brush up on my HTML5, because I’ve noticed that I’ve been stuck in HTML 4.01 for way too long.

Thoughts on Oku Hanako

Oku Hanako / 奥華子 is my favourite music artist. So far, I’ve been able to keep my schedule (one post at the end of each week) on my blog dedicated to her since it went live, being no more than a few days late. I’ve loosened the schedule a bit to “sometime during the weekend” to help me manage all my responsibilities. One of the reasons why I have been able to keep the schedule is because each post is based on the same template: translation of the title and its breakdown, some blurb about the song and what I think about it, the song itself, and then finally the lyrics. It takes no more than an hour from the time I click “New Post” to when I click “Publish”, and often the songs are picked last-minute (speaking of which, I need to figure out what this week’s song is…).

The Penguin Plays

I’ve mentioned this one a few times before: I’ve been working on a new blog for my compositions. When I finish a composition, I post it to MuseScore.com and SoundCloud. I also have a mailing list to whom I send the composition out and occasionally give exclusive material, like clips of drafts. As with most of my mailing lists, the content is appropriate for a blog. Additionally, my accounts are all over the place, so this blog will be a hub of sorts for anything to do with my music.

This blog is actually almost ready to go. I just need to write a post for “Never Gonna Give You Up“, then I’ll officially announce it.

*nix Windows

I have two friends who want to learn Linux and asked me for advice. I figured it would be a good idea to create a blog so that I, as a long-time Linux user, can give Linux tips to them, and they, as beginners, have a place to document their experience with Linux. This approach allows for the site to have “expert” content while still being relatable to beginners who may also have the same issues.

I had planned to post some Linux tips and tricks here on `The Penguin’ says…, but after switching to Linux earlier this year, these tips would quickly become the majority of the new content posted. When a topic gets to that point, it’s time to start a new blog.

In the spirit of “open source development” (although it isn’t really), this blog will be released right after the very first post is published, even if the rest of the site isn’t ready. Having said that, it’s already mostly ready.

I’m sure at this point, there’s something to be said about actual productivity…


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