She knows what your next move is

I was on Madobe Ai’s Tumblr one time (which is something I never do, but I seem to find myself on Microsoft’s characters now and then) and I came across this image:

Automatic Page Prediction comic

The Madobe twins playing what looks like Old Maid with Aizawa Inori

Automatic Page Prediction: it’s a feature that predicts which links you’ll visit next and preloads them. At face value, it’s a useful feature since it leads to faster browsing, however, I wouldn’t be one to trust it.

Sure, if the feature were implemented in an open-source browser like Firefox or Pale Moon, I’d be slightly more inclined to trust it, but since Internet Explorer is a closed-source proprietary browser, who knows what’s being done with the predictions? Maybe Microsoft is already gathering your history; you don’t know in a closed-source program like IE.

So, Microsoft could potentially collect your history and is already predicting your next move. Soon enough, they won’t even need you to browse the Web; they can do it all on their own.


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