Easter Egg Hunt 2014

FoxTrot comic 2004-04-10

FoxTrot comic 2004-04-10

A little Easter egg hunting for Easter Monday. I won’t tell you where they are (that would defeat the purpose), but I will tell you that I’ve given you access to it before. Confused, weren’t you?

  1. I always liked that cartoon. I remember you sent out an email about an Easter Egg last fall when I subscribed to your blog. Sorry to say I could not find that email today, then gave up. Started feeling bad about it, but then I realized … I’M NOT A COMPUTER NERD. (Joke from 1995).

    • The Easter egg I sent in that email referred to a really nice egg in Thoughts on Oku Hanako.

      Okay, I’m going to give away a little hint here, so if you don’t want the hint, stop reading this comment right now.

      “Confused, weren’t you?” refers to a post that I put up fairly recently. That should be the first post you look for.

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