Watching the history of Microsoft Windows through commercials

I find the history of Windows fascinating. I’ve gone through it in multiple ways, including screenshot galleries, startup/shutdown sounds showcases, and even watching someone upgrade from MS-DOS to Windows 8 (I didn’t link to any of these because I plan to share them here in the future). Today, I will let you walk through the history of Windows through its commercials over the years.

The best of Windows Commercials 2013, A special coverage of Christiandominicsjsm by ChristianDominicSJSM [YouTube]

Here’s one with a few different commercials:

All Windows Commercial 1.01 – 8 by Gabriel36451 [YouTube]

Did you notice anything familiar about the Windows 95 commercials? Here’s one again:

Windows 95 Commercial by WindowsXpFan [YouTube]

Notice anything now? Here, I’ll give you a hint:

Microsoft 2012 logo

Microsoft logo since 2012

Microsoft claims no inspiration from that.

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  1. My thought on Steve Ballmer and the Windows 1 commercial: it’s like he lost a bet or something.

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