Caught up in work (2013-11-07) and 5000 views

Heh heh, caught up in work again…

But look, you’ve helped me pass 5000 views! Thank you!

`The Penguin' says... stats

Over 5000 views on `The Penguin’ says… . Thank you!

  1. There have been a lot of interesting photos posted on the Hanako Oku blog last week. Perhaps you can share some insight. My favorite: The great one holding what looks like a fan-made a “HNK09” sign (in parody of AKB48 ) : )

    • Thanks, I’ll take a look. As the post suggests, I haven’t really had a chance to catch up on leisure stuff.

      • Yeah, work, what can you do …
        There have been mornings where I just close my office door, put on headphones and watch an Oku concert.

        As a non-musical observation: I see from the photos on the Great One’s blog that she is letting her hair grow long a bit.

      • I wish I could do that…

        As observant as I am, I didn’t notice she’s growing her hair longer. I’m not surprised, though, because her hair length does fluctuate over the years. She’s had shorter hair ~2000, ~2005, and ~2011, and longer hair between those periods.

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