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I always loved doing tricks like these on my friends!

IB Maths Resources from British International School Phuket

This classic clip “proves” how 25/5 = 14, and does it three different ways.  Maths is a powerful method for providing proof – but we need to be careful that each step is based on correct assumptions.

One of the most well known fake proofs is as follows:

let a = b
Then a2 = ab
a2 – b2 = ab – b2
(a-b)(a+b) = b(a-b)
a+b = b (divide by a-b )
b+b = b (as a = b)
2b = b
2 = 1

Can you spot the step that causes the proof to be incorrect?

Another well known maths problem that appears to prove the impossible is the following:


This was created by magician Paul Curry – and is called Curry’s Paradox.  You can work out the areas of all the 4 different coloured shapes on both triangles, and yet by simply rearranging…

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It’s time to finally officially introduce a new list to `The Penguin’ says… : my compositions. Yes, I know I’ve already posted one before, but that was because it was mutual post of sorts.

About two years ago, someone asked me to make a simple arrangement of a song of my choice for his high school music class to play. For the fun of it, I decided to arrange Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up“.

A “thank you” goes to everyone involved in the original song, to Ben Landis for the sheet music, and the MuseScore team for making the great software I used to make my score.

View the score on

This was my first serious work. For my level, I’d say it wasn’t too bad, although looking back on it, I can see many things that I could have done to make it better. In the spirit of showing improvement, I’ve decided to leave it alone.

For the impatient, you can listen to my other pieces on SoundCloud. Links to their respective pages are in the descriptions.

Sorry for the late post. I had an idea for a new composition and I just had to write it down.

Internet Explorer 11 was released two weeks ago (no, I haven’t heard of it just now; I just haven’t had the time to really write anything for it). Accompanying the release, Microsoft Singapore unveiled a moe personification of IE to promote IE. Ever since Madobe Nanami was made for Windows 7, it seems that Microsoft has really taken a liking to these anime characters.

Her name is Aizawa Inori / 藍澤 祈 (the family name is Aizawa).

Aizawa Inori on her desktop

Aizawa Inori on her desktop

(There are many references hidden in that image. Bonus points to anyone who can point them all out!)

Aizawa Inori concept sketches

Concept sketches

Read more and watch the video →

Salamat po sa lahat. Maraming salamat.
(“Thank you, all of you. Thank you very much.”)

The YouTube embed seems to be broken at the moment (here, at least; it works in the original post), so here it is:

Finding Strength after the Storm – Anderson Cooper reports from the Philippines by qube seven [YouTube]

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It’s been over a week since Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, creating a path of destruction that was not only felt by those who were victimized, but also by the world. Many celebrities have tweeted their support for the Philippines and find it amazing how the human race, as imperfect as we are, know how to stand together as one family. I love the world for that.

Out of all the countless…

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I find the history of Windows fascinating. I’ve gone through it in multiple ways, including screenshot galleries, startup/shutdown sounds showcases, and even watching someone upgrade from MS-DOS to Windows 8 (I didn’t link to any of these because I plan to share them here in the future). Today, I will let you walk through the history of Windows through its commercials over the years.

The best of Windows Commercials 2013, A special coverage of Christiandominicsjsm by ChristianDominicSJSM [YouTube]

Here’s one with a few different commercials:

All Windows Commercial 1.01 – 8 by Gabriel36451 [YouTube]
Did you notice anything familiar about the Windows 95 commercials?