I Don’t Know: A song by Pekky

I wasn’t planning to post any of my compositions here until I posted a certain one and had introduced MuseScore, but I’ll have to forgo that.

If you’ve taken a look at my About page and have actually read it, you’d know that “I like to compose every now and then” and “I post my works on MuseScore.com.”

Recently, Pekky of Sincerely Pekky gave me some lyrics that she wrote and asked me to put it to music. I accepted the challenge.

I finished a week later. I really like how it turned out.

The song is called “I Don’t Know”. Take a listen:

Download the audio (MP3, 4.18MB; FLAC, 16.7MB) and the score (PDF, 95.67KB)

As with all my compositions, this was made using the open-source scorewriter MuseScore.

This work holds a few firsts for me: first collaboration, first original song (as opposed to just a plain composition or an arrangement of an existing song), and first arrangement with strings.

Normally, I’d license my works under the CC-BY-SA, as this blog is, but Pekky wanted something a little more restrictive.
So, “I Don’t Know” is licensed under the CreativeCommons-Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported licence (CC-BY-NC-ND). This licence basically gives you the freedom to use the work however you want and distribute it freely provided that you credit us as the authors and that you don’t change it in any way make money off it. Please respect the copyright.

View the score on MuseScore.com and read about the song, complete with lyrics, on Sincerely Pekky!


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