Peter Cetera singing in foreign languages

It’s Peter Cetera’s birthday today (September 13)! He was born in 1944, which makes him 69 this year (2013). Here’s a recent picture of him:

Peter Cetera with a man reading about him in a newspaper

“I walked up to this man in Curitiba and look what he was reading.”

He’s my favourite artist (one of two, at least), and I hope he won’t be embarrassed by this mini “playlist”.

Questions 67 and 68 (Japanese Version) (1971)

This is the Japanese version of one of the songs on Chicago’s first album, The Chicago Transit Authority. It was released on a Japan-exclusive single in 1971. Chicago sings this version whenever they stop by in Japan.

Yo No Fui (Quien dijo adios) (1987)

This is the Spanish version of the duet with former ABBA member Agnetha Fältskog

Lowdown (Japanese version) (1972)

This is the second Chicago song to be translated into Japanese, this time from Chicago III, their third album. It was also released as a Japan-only single. This, and the Japanese version of “Questions 67 and 68”, were released on their non-canon live album Live in Japan.

Love Assistant (1984)

Alright, Peter Cetera doesn’t actually sing in a foreign language here, but it is a duet with Japanese singer Kawai Naoko / 河合 奈保子 . This was supposedly released on his Japan-only album “Stay With Me”.

Glory of Love (1986)

If you remember, this is my favourite song. The song itself isn’t in Japanese, but the music video is the Japanese version. The original video had clips from The Karate Kid, Part II, the movie in which the song was featured as the theme song.

Happy birthday, Peter Cetera!

  1. aa said:

    would you watch a chicago concert without peter cetera?

    • I’m not sure. Although I like some post-Cetera Chicago tunes such as “What Kind of Man Would I Be”, “Will You Still Love Me”, and “I Don’t Wanna Live Without Your Love”, I’m not sure I want to hear Jason Scheff butcher Cetera’s songs. I’ve heard his rendition of “You’re the Inspiration”; I couldn’t stand it (alright, I’ll give them credit for the addition of horns in their latest live versions, something the original was lacking).
      I’m not sure what to say about Scheff’s Japanese, either…
      In short, probably not.

  2. aa said:

    you do realize that chicago without peter cetera is still chicago and that peter cetera was just an etcetera :)

    • Yes, I do realize that (nice pun, by the way). I’m not after Chicago, I’m after Cetera. But even if it’s still Chicago, it’s not the same. I’m fine with post-Cetera Chicago up until around1990 when they fired their drummer, Danny Seraphine,

  3. aa said:

    how do i post here without adding my email address?
    i fear that this email address im using might actually be a valid email address in the alcoholic-anonymous world

    • You can’t ;)
      I have the option to allow anonymous comments, but I figured that it would lead to more spam than I need and be too disorganized because then I’d end up with too many anonymous comments.
      Your email address is only used to generate your Identicon or grab your Gravatar and attach a unique identifier to the commenter. If you signed up for email notifications, they will be sent to the email address you entered.
      When you comment the first time, you have to wait to get it approved. Any subsequent comments with the same email address after the first one is approved will show up immediately.
      Don’t worry, we don’t do anything significant with the address you put in, much less attempt to send an email. You’re free to keep using this fake address of yours.

  4. aa said:

    why do you use “we”. is there more than one moderator for this blog?

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