Crack the Code to Become a Spy

I love solving ciphers. Unfortunately, I’m a bit short on time to sit down crack this one. Perhaps you can give it a try?

IB Maths Resources from British International School Phuket


GCHQ – the British cyber spy agency – have had a rough few months following some staggering revelations from Edward Snowden, so they’re doing some positive PR at the moment to highlight the importance of mathematics and computing skills in code-breaking.  There are 4 codes to solve (the first one posted above) – each answer leading on an internet treasure-hunt to the next clue.  Those who can solve all 4 clues stand a chance of winning a Google Nexus and Raspberry Pi – and possibly could lead to a job opportunity with GCHQ.

The competition started two days ago (10th September) – and there is a six week deadline to solve all clues.  So, get cracking!

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