Presenting “Thoughts on Oku Hanako”, my new blog

It seems I let another mailing list create itself.

Remember Oku Hanako? She is the Japanese artist who has inexplicably captured my heart. Apparently, I’ve fallen so hard that I’ve started a blog dedicated to her.

May I present Thoughts on Oku Hanako, “Finally, a site dedicated to her in English!”. Please note that this is just a fan site; this site is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Oku Hanako or Pony Canyon. I do not own any of the songs or images, and no copyright infringement is intended.

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Thoughts on Oku Hanako

To quote from the About page:

Adding to the story [of “The Predicament“], I started a “playlists” mailing list to share my music with my friends more easily (this list eventually ended up on my blog along with the other lists). It seemed that I was making Oku Hanako playlists more easily and more often. Eventually, I started emailing my closest friends who helped me through The “Predicament” various things about Oku Hanako, including new songs that I got and some little tidbits that I’ve learned about her. It became a mailing list without me realizing it. As with my other mailing lists, I figured it would be better on a blog, but I couldn’t put it in `The Penguin’ says… because it didn’t fit (in more than one sense), so I started this blog. Besides, to my knowledge, there are no other sites in English that is dedicated to Oku Hanako; they’re all in Japanese!

My plan is to post a song or playlist at the same time I schedule my minor posts: every Saturday at 0:00 UTC, although if you want to get a head start on her songs, you can listen to my playlist. As with my playlists, almost all of the songs will be from YouTube.

If you look at the URL, you’ll notice that it starts with pltgokuhanako. pltg is my prefix saying that the site is mine and is not an official site, and also to ensure a unique address; it is taken from the capital letters of my username, tPenguinLTG.

The theme I’m using for Thoughts on Oku Hanako is Zoren, one of WordPress’ newest themes at the time of this post. Just as Blogum just seemed to really fit for `The Penguin’ says… , Zoren just “spoke” to me. The background colour is loosely based on the colours on Oku Hanako’s official blog and website.

If you refresh the site a couple of times, you’ll notice that the header image is random. I’ve included an images page as an easter egg to showcase all the header images (and eventually all the other images, too). Unlike Blogum, Zoren also has support for featured images. Hopefully I can come up with enough images to decorate all my posts.

I have to admit, I predict that Thoughts on Oku Hanako may become more popular than `The Penguin’ says… on the grounds that it is a J-pop site (I really do hesitate to categorize Oku Hanako’s music as “J-pop”). As long as people are reading, listening and enjoying, I don’t mind that too much, but remember, I am not into J-pop, just Oku Hanako.

What are you waiting for? Follow Thoughts on Oku Hanako today!

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