How I tie shoelaces

You’ve probably never given thought of how you tie your shoelaces ever since you learned how to tie them. Well, here is how I tie them:

Extreme shoelace tying efficiency – Professor Shoelace by ProfessorShoelace [YouTube]

It may not be me in the video, but that’s how I tie them. All in real-time, too.

Ian Fieggen developed this method, which he called the “Ian Knot” after himself, in June 1982 after getting annoyed that his shoelaces kept wearing, especially on the right side.

The Ian Knot produces an identical knot to the “regular” shoelace knot, but is a much faster and more efficient way of tying laces. It reduces wear on the shoelaces and increases its lifespan because the method is symmetrical; in other methods, you often have one stationary end and one working end, and the working end gets all the wear. With the Ian Knot, both ends move equally.

So how does one tie the Ian Knot? Apart from a series of static images, Fieggen has also created an instructional video:

The “Ian Knot”, the world’s fastest shoelace knot – Professor Shoelace by ProfessorShoelace [YouTube]

To showcase his method, Fieggen started Ian’s Shoelace Site. Today, it has grown to be the place for anything and everything to do with shoelaces, from the different methods of lacing and tying, to shoelace lengths and tips.

I assure you, you’ll never look at shoelaces the same again!


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