Windows 8 and the Four Cs of User Interface Design

I sent this video to the geek || nerd list while ranting about Windows 8 back in December.

Windows 8: The Animated Evaluation by blogphilofilms [YouTube]

I tweaked a friend’s new Win8 computer yesterday. It’s funny: I don’t have a copy of Windows 8 to play around with, yet I know my way around it better than most people.

  1. shelbiwan said:

    While I was watching this, I questioned a couple of times why he couldn’t figure certain things out (finding control panel, searching to create a recovery disc, closing an app), but then I remembered something: I only figured this stuff out because I was told how to do these things through a tutorial with a technician at a computer store.

    • I questioned that too, but I also why he didn’t instinctively fall back to the expected behaviour of previous versions of Windows. Sure, I may know how to use Windows 8 as Windows 8 because of research, but I could also use it as Windows because there are holdovers even from Windows 1.0 (clicking the top-left corner of a window brings up the window menu, and double-clicking it closes the window).
      I suppose he was too shocked about the interface change. The trick is to expect it and find your way to the command line.

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