From the Archives: Foxtrot – Exams [2013-01-23]

Andy Fox nagging Jason about reading his textbooks

FoxTrot comic 2006-05-16

I know a lot of people with exams coming up, especially those guys in Canada. Their exams earlier in the year reminded me of a Foxtrot run from 1996, so I sent it to them to lift their moods little.

  1. 1996-05-27
    FoxTrot comic 1996-05-27
  2. 1996-05-28
  3. 1996-05-29
  4. 1996-05-30
  5. 1996-05-31
  6. 1996-06-01
  7. 1996-06-02
  8. 1996-06-03

And that spills over into the next week’s series.

Most people would say “good luck on your exams”, but if you think about it, that would be implying that the person would be relying on luck and not his/her skills.
Whatever, it’s the thought that counts.

    • Those weren’t that bad.
      Banked curves are a little worse.

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