Grown-ups. [Hold the Condiments, Please]

To all the teachers reading this, I apologize, but you have to admit it’s true.
To the students, have fun relating!

Hold the Condiments, Please

I started teaching right when I graduated college, and I always thought it was astounding that they would let someone as young as me be in charge of children. My parents still pay my cellphone bill, I have a Fast and the Furious poster (the first one) in my room, and I still call my mother “mommy”. I go into work everyday praying that there will never be an actual emergency, because my gut instinct is to immediately go find a grown-up. It’s only when you realize that you are the grown-up in the room that things really start to get real. 

As I stumble through my own teaching experience, I think back to everything my teachers were thinking and hiding from us. You just blindly trust educators as children, but being one gives you insight into what actually goes on. Here are some things I’ve noticed:

1) Teachers…

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