From The Archives: Two Worlds – A Phil Collins playlist [2013-03-08]

I don’t have much to say about Phil Collins except that the drums often have a prominent role in his songs. What else would you expect from a drummer?

Phil Collins might best be known for being the drummer and lead singer for the band Genesis. When he wanted to pursue a solo career, he and Genesis made a deal that let him perform with Genesis and do his solo stuff at the same time.

Phil Collins also has a strong relationship with Disney. He wrote, composed, and sang all the songs for both Tarzan (1999) and Brother Bear (2003). He also voiced Lucky, one of the vultures in The Jungle Book 2.

With the exception of one song, this playlist will be a collection of those songs.

As always, listen to the songs in order and until at least the end of the first chorus for each.

Track List

New Feature: The song title now links to the track in the playlist. The arrow (→) links directly to the external video.

  1. Strangers Like Me
  2. Son of Man
  3. Two Worlds
  4. Look Through My Eyes
  5. No Way Out
  6. True Colors
  7. You’ll Be In My Heart

  1. Strangers Like Me (Radio Edit) (1999)
    Soundtrack version
    A song from Tarzan at the part where Tarzan learns about civilization.

  1. Son of Man (1999)
    Another Tarzan tune. This was played while Tarzan was growing up.

  2. Two Worlds (1999)
    Yet another Tarzan song. Tarzan was just adopted by the gorillas.

  3. Look Through My Eyes (2003)
    A song from Brother Bear. It only plays during the credits.

  4. No Way Out (2003)
    Brother Bear again. Kenai reveals to Koda that he killed Koda’s mother.

  5. True Colors (1998)
    This is the one song in the playlist that didn’t come from a Disney movie. The original was by Cyndi Lauper, but I find her a little to whiny. I think Phil Collins’ cover is better than the original, and it’s rare that I’d say that a cover is better. But of course, the original is much better than a lot of other covers out there.

  6. You’ll Be In My Heart (1999)
    This is the “pop” version of the song sung by Kala (Glenn Close). It plays during the credits of Tarzan. He actually sang the soundtrack version in multiple languages.

I did say I didn’t have much to say, didn’t I? Hey, don’t get me wrong: Phil Collins is great! It’s just that I haven’t looked into him as much as I have with Peter Cetera.

Bonus Tracks

  1. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (1984)
    The theme from the movie of the same name.

  2. Trashing The Camp (1999)
    Phil Collins scatting with ‘N Sync in the song where the animals raided the human camp in Tarzan.


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