The Longest Word in English (Pronounced)

Have you ever heard of the protein titin? It is the longest-known protein. Being the longest protein, it also has the longest IUPAC name. Apparently, it can take more than three hours to say the whole thing:

The Longest Word in English (Pronounced) [YouTube]
Narrator: Dmitry Golubovskiy (CEO of Esquire Russia)
Full word (189,819 letters)

Poor guy!

EDIT: I love this comment by Mike on a Sarah post:

Could you imagine 5th grade spelling bee challenge. Not to spell it obviously but well here’s example. Spell the word “Titin” – Student being a smart ass who knows about the word says “Could I have the full chemical name?” hahahahahaha brillant – Response: “Are you out of your f@#ing! mind” – Fired!

Update 2013-10-29: according to the titin page on Esquire Russia, Golubovskiy wanted to get the word published in the Esquire, but one of the editors at the time didn’t want to. Not wanting to take that, he read out the word to post on the website.

  1. bob smith said:

    Please don’t tell me you actually watched the whole video. Did you tpenguin?

    • Oh, perhaps…. He grows a beard by the end of the video, I’ll tell you that.
      The question is not whether I watched the whole thing, but did you?

      • bob smith said:

        You weren’t joking about the beard. Just realized that The question stands. Did you watch the whole video or just scroll to the end of the video? I’m pretty sure that answers your question.

      • Well, whether I did one or the other is irrelevant. I guess you’ll never know. :P

  2. bob smith said:

    The answer is no then

    • I never said that.
      As I always say, “Think what you want, just don’t spread it around.”

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