Lytro Camera

Theoretically, if you were able to capture the light field exactly in a given view, you could manipulate the resulting image however you want, whenever you want, just like the eye does in real-time. This is what the guys at Lytro have done.

The Lytro Camera is a camera that takes “living pictures” by capturing the light field. Capturing the light field allows you to refocus, pan, and zoom the image even after you’ve taken the picture. Here is an example of a “living picture”:

This is incredible! Just imagine the possibilities! And yet, even with post-shot manipulation, it is still possible to take bad photos with this camera….

Forget the DSLR; I want a Lytro camera!

Lytro Camera

Lytro Camera

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  1. bob smith said:

    First Comment. This seems pretty interesting.

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